Our passion for flowers & tea are the main motivation
in creating Allure Florist & Tea Room.

Our aspiration for Allure Florist & Tea Room is to bring Joy & Happiness with our creations to all our families, friends & everyone we meet along the way.

What drives Allure to come up with the idea of Flowers + Tea Room concept ?

CK: My forte is creativity so I want to challenge myself to explore more ideas in creative floral expressions to surpass traditional designs & creations.

XP: My passion in flowers started when I was young, and they brought a lot of joy and I would like to share it with everyone

Why do you have Tea to compliment the flora aspect in the business venture?

CK: Tea + Flowers are the best stress-busters… It works extremely well for me. You can prove me wrong!

XP: Enjoying tea is just like creating a flora arrangement, it helps to relax your mind & calms you down. It also helps develop your patience.

How do you plan to do the above & what are your plans?

CK: We will share with everyone we meet in our daily engagement, all our knowledge, passion on flowers + tea, and fulfill our objectives to our best abilities.

XP: We will never stop in creating more ideas, more concepts and we will keep learning to increase our knowledge so that we can share with everyone.